Life in the line: A look at the life of Black Friday deal hunters

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Two days sleeping in chairs and living off snacks to be first, life in the line isn't for everyone.

"If they didn't have the portapottie over there I'd be mad," said Troy Lotito who got in around 10 Thursday morning. "That's about all I care about. I stand all day anyway so this is nothing."

Richard Worch was the first person in line, he took up his post Tuesday around 4 pm.

"It's a tradition I started with my son and I've been doing it with this other guy that's been here with me pretty much for the last ten years."

Getting the chance to buy the big ticket item, a 50 inch 4K Television, meant some long and cold nights.

"I had an air sofa right under the light over here so between that and the wind picked up and I was like okay I'm moving to the car," said Bryan Bergheim.

It's tiring to wait like this, and soda and chips can only get you so far.

"Actually had a guy bring us some wings the other day, didn't even know us before and offered to bring us some wings," said Michael Wing, who was second in line. "We didn't think he was going to but he did so, nice people."

Kevin Johnson chose to risk the wait and ended up on the wrong side of the line.

"A tv I saw one a couple days ago and they have it as a Black Friday deal--they probably won't still have it but who knows I might get lucky," said Johnson who did get lucky getting the television he was looking for.

With his prize secured, Bergheim is ready to get out of line, at least until next year

"I don't even care if I set it up tonight, I'm looking forward to a hot shower and a nice long nap in my bed."

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