Residents react to lawsuit claiming Inlet Square Mall operators are months behind on rent

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The owners of the Inlet Square Mall say the mall's current operators are months behind on rent, according to a new lawsuit.

Court documents filed in Horry County show that the owners of the mall, West C Street Holdings, LLC, say the operators, Murrells Retail Associates, LLC, are behind on rent by two months.

West C Street Holdings claims the base rent per year for the property is $547,363 payable in monthly installments, and the operators failed to pay rent in June and July.

According to the documents, the lease agreement is a triple net lease with tenants paying all taxes and insurance.

People who live on the south end of the Grand Strand told ABC 15 they're sad to see the mall is struggling.

"It's definitely nice to have something lke this over here since I come on my lunch hour to go work out and sometimes get your nails done so it's actually very nice to have close by," one person said.

"Yes, it used to be a very busy mall when we first moved here 28 years ago," another said.

The owners say they have reason to believe the operators collected rent from the tenants but did not pay it to the owners.

West C Street Holdings is asking the court to award them the overdue rent payment and restrict Murrells Retail Associates from collecting rent from tenants when sums owed to the owner are overdue.

The mall opened in the late 1980s.

The lease between the owners runs through 2047.

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