"Laughter cures all" not just a punchline


What do a magician, a comedian, a clown, and a doctor have in common?

They all incorporate funny into their everyday business.

Dr. Dennis Rhodes works at Doctors Care, an urgent care center in Myrtle Beach.

He says he uses humor every day because visiting a doctor can be a stressful situation.

"In the most stressful situation if you can find something that is a little bit quirky, or makes them chuckle a little bit," said Rhodes. "It breaks the ice and makes them feel a lot more comfortable and sends them on their way to feeling better right away."

Dr. Rhodes says laughing releases hormones called endorphins that do all kinds of good things that will keep you out of the doctor's office.

"They boost our immune system, people who laugh frequently tend to have fewer colds," said Rhodes.

Wayne Carey has been wearing a red nose and big boots for years.

One of his favorite things about being an Omar Shrine Clown is visiting sick children in full clown gear.

He says laughter can cure anything, and it also brings people together.

"Laughter is fellowship, people don't realize that but that's exactly what is," Carey said.

Gina Trimarco is the owner of Carolina Improv Company.

Her company holds improv training classes for businesses.

"Funny happens, right, because life is funny, so when you're real, the funny happens so we take that into business and we show businesses how to be more authentic and how to communicate better," said Trimarco.

Here is a link to their website If you would like to sign up for one of those classes, or enjoy a good laugh at one of their shows.

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