Jury awards man nearly $1.6 million in FMU hazing case

Maurice Robinson

A jury awarded Daniel McElveen nearly a $1.6 million judgement Thursday in a hazing case stemming from a 2011 incident involving a fraternity at Francis Marion University (FMU).

McElveen sued FMU and the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity International and Maurice Robinson last January.

FMU and the fraternity settled with McElveen back in December. The lawsuit still stood.

Maurice Robinson and the trial began this week.

A jury found Robinson guilty of negligence in the hazing incident that left McElveen permanently injured.

Robinson was a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity in 2011 and was charged with one count of hazing against McElveen. Eight other men were also charged.

The hazing incident took place at Robinson's home on Rosemont Drive in Florence on October 23, 2011.

McElveen was pledging with the fraternity and said he was beat so bad with a paddle that he suffered acute renal failure and had to be hospitalized for eight days.

Robinson can appeal the jury's verdict. Criminal hazing charges against him are still pending.

The McLeod Law Group out of Charleston represented McElveen.

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