Junior SOS underway, growing new generation of shaggers

Junior SOS is underway in North Myrtle Beach. Biggest crowd yet is expected for this 25th Anniversary for the event. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

A new generation of shaggers is growing as the Junior SOS is underway in North Myrtle Beach.

This year is the the 25th Anniversary for the Junior SOS and the kids can be seen in action at the O.D. Beach and Golf Resort in North Myrtle Beach.

Kids from all over flock to the coast for this big shag shindig.

They learn new steps, but it's not just about the fancy footwork, it's about the friendship.

"I love it. It has brought me out of my shell," said Shellbi Lipscomb, a junior shagger. "I've met a lot of great friends, friends who will be my friends forever. There are such great people here."

This 25th year anniversary is the biggest yet for attendance.

Many of the young shaggers have a similar story about how they got their start.

"My grandparends introduced me to it," said Maxwell Rusmisell, junior shagger.

"Right now it's a lot of grandparents bringing their grandkids because they want them to learn this dance," said Gene Pope, President of the Junior Shag Association. "It will just fade away if we don't."

But these young shaggers said they won't let it fade.

"I hope to be doing this all my life," said Maxwell.

And perhaps one day, they'll introduce this dance to their grandchildren.

Kids can still register for daily workshops and events at

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