Johnsonville ambulance crashes into SUV in Florence

Johnsonville ambulance crashes into SUV in Florence, (Viewer submitted photo)

Florence police are investigating a crash that happened Saturday morning between a Johnsonville Rescue Squad ambulance and an SUV at Pamplico Highway and Church Street in Florence.

The ambulance was running lights and sirens heading back to a call in Johnsonville when it collided with the SUV, according to Johnsonville Rescue Squad Chief Tom Redmond.

Redmond said the ambulance was stopped at the red light when it eased into the intersection and hit the SUV.

The SUV overturned on impact.

Redmond added the EMT and rescue tech inside the ambulance are ok.

He said the ambulance suffered minor damage.

Redmond said three people were inside the SUV and one of them went to the hospital for what appeared to be a minor injury.

Police are investigating what led to the crash.

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