Election officials: Horry County Chair race results could change after machine issues


Five ballot machines have not been counted by Horry County election officials, which could change the results of the Horry County Chairman race and other races, according to election officials.

At first, Johnny Gardner was named the unofficial winner of GOP primary election for Horry County Council Chair late Tuesday night, according to Horry County Elections officials.

Gardner had 12,252 votes and Lazarus had 12,058 votes as of 11:28 p.m. Tuesday.

Gardner said he even signed the paperwork handed to him by a county lawyer.

"[The lawyer] said it was official," he told ABC15.

However, the website was later updated to specify that not all votes had been counted, after election officials spoke to incumbent Mark Lazarus over the phone.

"They don't know what's on the ones that are left out there," Lazarus said to reporters. "They had battery issues with some machines, they don't know if one or two of the machines were used, not used, they don't know."

Both candidates said they would be at the courthouse as the five remaining machines are tallied.

Lazarus said one machine was in Little River, but didn't know where the other four were located, and said election officials didn't know how many votes they accounted for.

Shortly before midnight, Gardner said he was told only two of the five machines were used, accounting for less than 40 votes. ABC15 has not confirmed that information.

Race results will be certified on Thursday.

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