Jazzy baby: Myrtle Beach family names son after Dave Brubeck

Jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck died this week. One Myrtle Beach family is making sure the artist's legend lives on in their baby's namesake.

Krissy Rowe and Terrance Lynch named their son, born November 16,2011, Brubeck York Lynch.

"We wanted something, you know, that sounded really nice and important. That no other kid is going to have his name," Krissy said.

The couple says it was about 7 months into the pregnancy when the name came to Krissy. Her first concert at 18 was Dave Brubeck. She listened to the jazz artist throughout her pregnancy and found the music especially helpful when it came to relaxing and napping.

"It was just Dave Brubeck I listened to the whole time, especially through the whole pregnancy," she said.

The Pianist is considered to be one of the creators of progressive jazz.

He wrote a number of jazz standards, and received multiple honors including those from presidents Clinton and Obama. His music is known for employing unusual time signatures, and superimposing contrasting rhythms, meters, and tonalities.

"He was able to bridge jazz into rock and roll when he was playing and he made, you know a lot of younger kids when he was playing in the 40's, 50's really pay attention to jazz," Terrance said.

The two said they were debating between Doctor and Bureau before they settled on Brubeck.

And of course, some of his favorite toys are his life size floor piano, and a xylophone.

"Brubeck is at the top of his charts, 100 percentile in everything. So hopefully he'll be a music prodigy one day," Terrance said.

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