Is Myrtle Beach really the most dangerous city in the country?

Image via MGN Online

Myrtle Beach has beautiful scenery and great festivals.

According to some reports, it's also the most dangerous city in the country.

"If you've visited Myrtle Beach, if you live here, it absolutely doesn't make sense," said city spokesman Mark Kruea.

Kruea said crime statistics compiled by the FBI are figured on the basis of crimes per-one-thousand population.

Since the city of Myrtle Beach has a relatively small permanent population of less than 30-thousand people, but attracts millions of visitors each year, Kruea said the crime numbers make the city appear to be more dangerous than it really is.

"There's really no good way to account for a tiny little tourist town whose population explodes during the summer time. The statistics just don't do that," Kruea said.

Myrtle Beach police say they're trying to be transparent about crime in the city, making records and incident reports publicly available on their P2C web site.

They say they hope people consider what's being done in Myrtle Beach about crime prevention.

"We're not nave to think that crime is not occurring, but we're asking the public to look at what resources we have out on the roadway, what resources we have deployed within the neighborhoods," said Lt. Joey Crosby.

The latest blog post putting Myrtle Beach at the top of the dangerous cities list comes from a company that reviews home security systems.

Kruea said people should keep in mind that crime statistics are being used to sell something.

"They generate some publicity for their particular company by putting out a top ten list. It's been done before," he said.

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