'I’m sticking around.' Why some disregard the evacuation and stay along the coast

Locals express why they made the decision to not evacuate for Hurricane Florence. (WPDE)

While thousands have evacuated our coast, there are some who've decided to stay.

“I’m sticking around," said Mary Jane Duryee,

It’s the sentiment of some along the Carolina coast.

“I didn’t want to leave because I wouldn’t be able to get back,” she said.

Each has their own motivation to disregard the evacuation for Hurricane Florence.

“Mom is up in Murrells Inlet so we want to be able to keep an eye on her too," Paula Breen.

“We're checking on neighbors to make sure they got everything indoors," said Kevin Breen. "We have a lot of older folks down here, so we’re just trying to help everybody out."

Some businesses have a skeleton staff and maintenance crew so they can finish up some final preparations before the storm.

“We struggled to get my boats and my customers boats inside the building," said Doyce Heinzmann, owner of Coastline RV & Marine.

As the owner of three businesses, Heinzmann is staying put. “It would be tough to leave and then not be able to get back in to actually solve a potential problem that could get worse."

Though reasons may vary, they all have the same wish.

“Hopefully the storm will be nice to us," said Kevin Breen.

We hope so too.

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