Hurricane Florence evacuees are seeking refuge in Savannah

Local musician Eddie Moore played music for Hurricane Florence evacuees on River Street. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS)

A large number of Hurricane Florence evacuees are seeking refuge in Savannah this week.

Spring Hill Suites in downtown Savannah said they have seen a $20,000 increase in revenue in just three days. They said after the mandatory evacuations were issued, bookings went up.

Comfort Suites said the amount of evacuees that have booked rooms this weekend has made up for the loss of vacationers earlier in the week.

Needless to say, the streets of Savannah were filled with people on Thursday.

Eddie Moore, a local musician, could be seen playing music on River Street on Thursday.

He said he hopes his music makes these hurricane visitors feel a little more comfortable.

“It relaxes them, so they enjoy it,” said Moore.

Some visitors from Myrtle Beach said hotels have been very welcoming.

“We have pets so they’ve been very, very nice, very accommodating, everyone in the hotel has been super nice,” said one woman.

Visitors from Charleston said they are enjoying Savannah's nice weather.

“It’s nice, windy, cool, a little hot but ya know, we’re good right now,” said one Charleston man.

Most people said they still aren't sure when they will return home.

“Just to see what the mind of the hurricane is,” said a visitor.

They all just hope their communities stay safe during the storm.

"I pray everybody is okay," said one Pawleys Island woman.

Visitors were just trying to stay positive on Thursday.

"We're kind of looking at this as an evacuation vacation," said one visitor.

One hotel in Savannah, the Cotton Sail hotel, said they have actually seen their reservations go down by 60 percent because of the storm. Hotel officials hope business picks up in the coming days.

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