Hundreds turn out for 20th annual Florence MLK march

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event in Florence, Jan. 21, 2019. (Credit: Tonya Brown/WPDE)

More than 200 people took part Monday in the 20th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. march through Florence.

Children carried signs and banners with pictures and messages of Dr. King.

As they walked down Oakland Avenue and across the MLK Bridge, they listened to recordings over a loud speaker of Dr. King's many speeches, including the "I Have A Dream" speech.

This year's march paid special tribute to its founder, the late Florence City Councilman Ed Robinson. Robinson started the march in 1999 and it's continue to grow over the years.

Lashonda Nesmith-Jackson, Robinson's widow Erica Robinson, former Florence City Councilman Billy D. Williams and Barbara Robinson now head up the march to carry out Robinson's legacy and continue the message of Dr. King.

"This is what Dr. King wanted for everybody. Any social injustices that's going on right now. We have kids with signs, banners, posters. In this political climate this is very important to us. To march in solidarity. This is what this means for us today. This is what we march for all of these injustices. Whether it's on a state level, local level , federal level. All of them we are fighting," said Nesmith-Jackson.

Darlington and Florence Counties Representative Robert Williams (D) took part in the march. Williams braved the cold weather to honor the slain civil rights leader.

"As we celebrate, MLK, it means that the struggle is not over. There is a lot of work that still yet to be done. Here in this nation. I think that we must continue to march to make this dream-- Dr. King's dream a reality," said Rep. Williams.

The march wrapped up at Francis Marion University's Performing Center where a number of speakers talked about Dr. King's dream and how he worked to make sure all people were treated equally.

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