Hundreds of Murrells Inlet neighbors petition against 60 unit development


Several people who live in Murrells Inlet are on edge. They just got word a property developer wants to put a three story, multi-family high rise east of Bandage Court, and just west of Murrells Inlet Road.

Murrells Inlet is known for its marsh views, relaxing restaurants and beautiful greenery.

Homeowners like Juliana Perez first noticed something was up when they started seeing the trees behind their neighborhood marked with ribbons. At first, they thought maybe some yard maintenance was being done.

“And then it got a little more aggressive, then we saw a dumpster and different things going on and we said well wait a minute, there’s a little more to this story,” said Perez.

Shortly after, a notice was given to everyone within 400 feet of the proposed development. Georgetown County Planning Commission left the notice, everyone who received one was told they’d have the chance to speak up about it on Feb. 15.

“And that’s not a lot of time for a lot of these people out of town with vacation homes who have concerns on the Inlet,” said Richard Cannon, a Crystal Oaks homeowner.

“You know what concerns us is the type of building they’re proposing here and the lack of information we’ve had from our representative, to be quite honest with you,” said Perez.

The notice came with a map, and let them know they could potentially be having about 120 new neighbors.

It would be five acres, four three-story buildings, and 124 parking spaces.

“We feel like Murrells Inlet is a small area. There’s nothing like that in this area, as far as a three story high rise. It would be the first high rise of three stories east of 17,” said Robert Powers, another neighbor of the Crystal Oaks community.

They’ve been told there’s nothing they can do, “but it seems like there is something we can do, and we can fight this,” said Powers.

They’re packing a punch with a petition. It now has almost 300 signatures. These homeowners don’t have a problem with more houses being added, just not a complex with four buildings. They’re also worried about traffic, noise and saying goodbye to all these trees. They've started a Facebook group to keep each other up to date on information.

On Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m. people will have the opportunity to voice their concerns with county staff before the public hearing. That meeting will be at the Murrells Inlet community center and all are invited to attend.

ABC 15 has reached out to the developer and will update this article after hearing back.

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