How you can stay safe during the holiday season

Lights are a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, but they can also be dangerous if you aren't careful. (Taggart Houck/WPDE)

A little more than two weeks from Christmas, chances are you have your tree out, lights brightly glowing, all in preparation to welcome Santa down the chimney.

Wesley McDonald is waiting for Santa to bring him toys.

"I want a Titanic toy. It's gonna be sinkable, and it can break apart,"said McDonald.

He and dozens of other kids made sure Santa knew what they wanted Sunday at the Myrtle Beach Pancake Breakfast with Santa.

"I love bringing gifts to your house, but you've gotta make sure it's safe for me when I come down your chimney," said Santa.

It is a busy time for Saint Nick. It is also busy for Myrtle Beach Firefighters.

Lt. Jonathan Evans says your holiday safety plan should start with your tree.

"If you're having a real Christmas tree this year, make sure that you're keeping it watered properly. It's something we see every year. You have it in your home. It's not being watered properly (it can) become a very big hazard," said Evans.

He said you should water your tree at least once every day.

"It's gonna be a lot greener, of course, without water," Evans said.

Your lights can cause fires: turn them off before bed. Also, take the time to inspect them closely.

"There's outdoor lights and there's indoor lights. Make sure they're in good condition. Look for frayed wires," he said.

Evans said you should only connect three strands of lights together at the most.

If you are in charge of cooking the mouth-watering holiday meal, have someone watching it at all times.

Evans also recommended making sure pan handles face inward. That way, you will not be able to bump and knock it off the burner. It is also important to set kitchen timers.

"Make sure you take that extra when you come home, your house isn't twinkling for a different reason," said Evans.

Horry County Public Information Officer Mark Nugent also offered holiday safety tips with Sydney Glenn on Good Morning Carolinas Weekend Saturday.

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