How to get the latest news, weather updates even if power or cable goes out

WPDE news app livestream (WPDE)

Hurricane Irma could come to South Carolina's coast and if it does, it could bring power outages. But if the worst happens, we'll still be here, working for you.

Here's how you can get the latest news and weather updates even as conditions change.

Every time ABC15 News is on the air, we'll also be broadcasting live on our website.

To view the livestream, just click here or click on the red "Watch Live" button on our homepage.

If you'd like to receive alerts and notifications on your phone or other mobile device, you can download the WPDE news and weather apps.

To download the apps, search for WPDE and WPDE WX in the app store.

Once you have the apps downloaded, be sure to turn notifications on.

To do so, open each app and click on the gear symbol for the Settings menu.

In the weather app, you will see a toggle to switch on settings for news, severe weather alerts, and station alerts.

In the news app, you may have to navigate to your phone's main Notifications settings menu. From there, click on the name of the app and toggle on "Allow notifications."

As a storm moves across the area, you'll be able to track it's path on our live radar.

We will also be publishing Facebook Live updates on the WPDE Facebook page.

You can find other updates on the Facebook pages of each member of our First Warning Weather Team:

Ed Piotrowski

Brittany Van Voorhees

Kevin Jacobs

To get the latest weather updates from all three of the First Warning Weather Team members, visit the Live Updates page on our website.

If your power or cable does go out, and you turn to using your mobile devices, you'll want to conserve battery power and protect your devices as best you can.

First, switch your phone to low power or battery saver mode. You should be able to do this from your main settings page.

If you want to be able to charge your phone in the event of an outage, you can also consider buying a portable pocket charger or battery pack.

Second, uninstall or deactivate extraneous apps that use power while running in the background.

Third, dim your display or switch to night shift.

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