Horry County Teachers prepare to work with legislators

    Horry County teachers are joining together, preparing to work with legislators. (Taggart Houck/WPDE)<p>{/p}

    Less than two weeks after lobbying in Columbia, Cori Shuford and some other teachers from the Horry County School District recognized they had a problem.

    There are teachers for more than 50 school in Horry County, but only a handful joined them at the capital.

    "There are some teachers out there who are scared to step out and stand up for education," said Kendra Pennington, a teacher and the leader of the Horry County group's SC for ED.

    "We are just a group of teachers that are coming together and we are working with our state house leaders to change education for the better," said Shuford.

    Saturday, she and other teachers regrouped at an Horry County restaurant. Think of it as a "meet and greet", opening the door to teachers who want to get involved, with one goal in mind:

    "Get some questions that they may have answered," she said.

    While they admit turnout could have been better, it peaked the interest of new faces.

    "Making a living wage is important but there's also other things tied to the legislation in Columbia that we need to kinda correct," said Erik Schrader, a teacher at Conway High School.

    Schrader said he wants to make sure school districts across the state have fair funding, and teachers are treated fairly, something he feels is in jeopardy with the Education Reform Bill, the piece of legislation making it's way through house they're upset with.

    Saturday, Shuford said, was the beginning of building a group, one that can stick together.

    "This is gonna be years, I think, of working with state leaders and making sure our kids are taken care of," she said.

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