Horry County student sues police, school district for false arrest and false imprisonment


An Horry County student is suing the Horry County School District, an employee of the district, the Horry County Police Department and an officer for false arrest and false imprisonment after he says he was taken to the ground by the police officer and then held for two hours without his parents knowing, according to a lawsuit filed Friday.

Salim Sessions says in the lawsuit that on May 26, 2016, at Socastee High School, a fight broke out in the hallway between two other students.

The lawsuit states the HCPD officer stopped Sessions and demanded he tell him why the students were being so loud.

When Sessions refused to answer, the lawsuit states the officer demanded Sessions put his hand behind his back. Sessions then raised his hands in the air and told the officer he had nothing to say, according to the lawsuit.

Then, the officer suddenly took Sessions to the ground and started pushing his head with his knee, according to the lawsuit. That is when, the lawsuit states, the school employee came to help the officer by holding Sessions’ feet.

The two then took Sessions into custody and put him in a room for two hours without notifying his parents, according to the lawsuit.

Sessions was then charged with public disorderly conduct and suspended.

The charges were later dismissed.

Sessions is suing on claims of false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, violation of civil rights and assault and battery.

He’s asking for a court to award him damages.

We’ve reached out to Horry County police and Horry County Schools for comment.

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