Horry Co. seeks to shut down the Yellow House; owner responds

The Yellow House. (Credit: Keith Von de Bur/WPDE)

Horry County wants to shut down the Yellow House, the boarding house on 5th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

Court papers filed by the Solicitor's Office show the owner, Joe Rideoutte, was served Oct. 19.

The documents claim the Yellow House has a reputation for violence and drugs. The injunction also claims police responded to the house five times for overdoses from May to October, though it notes that no one has died "due to emergency personnel administering Narcan." The suit claims a child was taken into emergency protective custody on one occasion, who then tested positive for cocaine.

Myrtle Beach police have responded to the home multiple times from May to September, with calls for service ranging from tenants threatening people with a razor and a hammer, to multiple people kicking and assaulting someone with a bat, the injunction says.

Drug paraphernalia litters neighboring parking lots, the documents say, and a business next door says they've observed prostitution, dealt with assault victims, and addressed intimidation of its customers by Yellow House tenants.

The acts are "offensive to public decency, morals, peace, and health, and constitute a public nuisance," the injunction reads.

On Jan. 23, ABC 15 obtained a copy Rideoutte's response to the injunction filed by Horry County officials.

Rideoutte denies all the allegations and believes that the request "amounts to an unlawful taking in violation of the South Carolina Constitution and the United States Constitution." He also believes he is being "unfairly targeted by law enforcement and the City of Myrtle Beach."

Editor's Note: The original version of this story was posted Dec. 6, 2018. It has been updated to reflect Rideoutte's response.

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