Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year nominees include newlyweds

Matt and Jaqueline Novielli are both top ten semi-finalists for Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year. (WPDE)

It's a big deal to be chosen as the Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year.

Soon the district will announce the top-five finalists, and among the nominees is a married couple.

They met teaching.

"We met probably two doors down, across the hall," said Matt Novielli.

Matt and Jaqueline built their lives around students and each other.

Now, Mr. Novielli and Mrs. Novielli are both top ten semi-finalists for Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year.

"When we both won teacher of the year for our schools, we were both really proud of each other, but really shocked," said Jaqueline Novielli. "It was the first year both of us thave won teacher of the year. It's the same year we were both married. It's my first year teaching with the name Novielli. All of that was really exciting."

Matt Novielli is a 4th grade teacher at Seaside Elementary School.

Jaqueline Novielli teaches special education at Forestbrook Middle School.

Fellow teachers nominated them for the award.

"Personally, I think each day someone else can be a teacher of the year," said Matt.

They're humble and supportive as they anxiously await to see if one, or both, will be in the top-five finalists.

"He's my best friend, so being able to talk everything through with him has made the whole process so much easier," said Jaqueline.

And whether or not one of them wins the top Teacher of the Year title, they both will earn a new title come summer: Parents.

Horry County Schools will choose the top-five finalists for Teacher of the Year in March and announce the winner in May.

Click here for the entire list of semi-finalists.

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