Horry County School Board calls salary study presentation 'Fluff'


After a two month delay, Horry County School Board members looked forward to hearing whether or not the district's staff's salaries were still on top.

Instead, they walked away from Monday's Human Resources Committee meeting complaining that all they heard was "fluff."

Board members made it clear they wanted a spreadsheet showing minimum and maximum salaries Horry County and other districts around the state paid different types of staff, from bus drivers to principals.

Instead, two representatives from MGT Consulting, the company district officials hired last year to conduct the salary study, prepared a presentation giving an "executive summary" of their findings and recommendations they made based on the information they collected.

When asked for something closer to the spreadsheet that board members were looking for, the representatives were not able to immediately provide it or any raw data to support their findings.

"I don't want them to recommend anything, they can recommend all they want," School Board Chairman Joe Defeo complained. "I want to see a comparison between us and other districts and other governments so we can make a decision."

Included in the recommendations was a $1 to $2 per hour pay raise for bus drivers making the minimum possible salary, a $4 per hour raise for nurses making the minimum possible salary and an $11 per hour raise for assistant principals making the minimum possible salary.

The consultants said starting teacher salaries were mostly competitive.

The consultants had not calculated recommendations for employees making more than the lowest pay grade.

They promised board members that the raw spreadsheet they had been using to make their recommendations would be sent to staff members soon.

The study cost the district $119,250, although only half of that figure had been paid as of last week.

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