Horry County residents prepare for second round of tropical weather in 1 month


Many around the Carolinas are bracing for another round of severe weather as Hurricane Michael makes its way towards the area on Thursday.

However, not everyone is overly concerned with the impacts Michael could have on Horry County.

Many people who lost everything after Hurricane Florence are just starting the recovery process, and now, they're tasked with securing what’s left of their homes as they prepare for Michael's arrival.

"Just making sure I can get everything that can blow inside and get the doors back and make sure that they close, some of them, because of the wood, won’t close very well but I think we’ll be in good shape," said Doug Johnson, who's home flooded in the Bradford Creek neighborhood in Socastee.

Like so many others in the community, everything in Doug Johnson's home was a complete loss after all the record flooding.

He and his neighbors said they're now trying to rebuild one day at a time, and for Johnson, he plans to work through the storm.

"I will keep going forward until it's livable again," said Johnson.

The rivers that run through Horry County aren’t expected to go back into major flood stage, Johnson said, he understands why some people are so concerned.

"It would be like post traumatic shock for some people, they start seeing the rain, they start seeing the flooding and I just don’t wish that on anybody. Hope everybody’s okay and everybody’s safe and it doesn’t hurt anybody," said Johnson.

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