Horry County looks to the future with Imagine 2040 initiative


The Horry County Planning Committee met Thursday to discuss its new comprehensive plan to implement strategies to utilize their resources to better serve their residents. The plan is called Imagine 2040.

Community planner Leigh Kane said, "What a comprehensive plan is, is really a guiding document for local governments to be able to look into the future and try to figure out what types of land use we want, what community facilities and things like transportation, looking at a whole variety of things down to capital improvements."

Kane said, "This plan is intended to address many different elements including housing and community facilities and there's a large interest, [not surprisingly] on improving our transportation network improving all types of structure whether that's situations regarding storm water and flooding and also looking at growth how and where we want growth to go and also preserving the natural resources of Horry County."

Here's how Kane says the steering committee was created: "What we wanted to do was make sure that the representation here really was diverse whether it was professionals, community groups, we had engineers here, we had people from the utilities so its really a diverse representation at the table."

But, she says the long term goals over the next few years will be driven by the public.

"If you don't plan then you plan to fail, so I want to be apart of the planning to see how Horry County does grow as a lifelong resident," said long time Horry County resident Hilbert A. Best.

If you would like to learn more about Imagine 2040, click here.

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