Horry County police set to launch app: 'It will allow us to give information instantly'

Horry County PD launching new app: 'it will allow us to give information instantly', (Sydney Glenn/WPDE)

The Horry County Police Department is launching a new app to help keep the community informed.

Horry County Police Public Information Officer Krystal Dotson says the new app will give citizens instant access to information.

"There is also going to be an opportunity for us to push out notifications to the user to allow them to know about again things that are going on within the department. Success stories, individuals that we are looking for, property that may have been stolen, tips that we need the community to be aware of. It is going to offer a different perspective or opportunity for those that have the app on their phone or tablets to get immediate access to what’s going on in the department," she said.

The app will have the same information that is available on the department's social media and website with some added features.

“It gives us more of the control to get the information out as opposed to having to go through Facebook, or social media or even through our website. I think there is a tremendous interest in knowing the inner workings of the department," she said.

The app will serve as a two-way communication system between police and the community.

"If there is an item that has been stolen or just any information that we need for the citizens of Horry County to be aware of, and also for them to make us aware of whether it’s a crime tip or if they’ve seen someone that they’re looking for, anything that they have that needs to be addressed. We want to allow the instant access for us to do that and the app is a great way for us to facilitate that communication," Dotson said.

There will be a crime map, links to the department's social media pages and an inside look into the department, among other features.

“It’s going to be ever changing. So, that’s one thing that the user will notice I’m sure very quickly is that we are going to be updating," Dotson said.

The department has taken a new approach to communication over the past year and this app is the latest addition.

The department is taking risks and working to be more engaging on social media, as well as releasing press releases and information about wanted suspects via Facebook and Twitter.

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“It’s important for us to be transparent and for us to release that story. We want to citizens of Horry County and beyond to know that we are being transparent, we are going to release the information and we don’t have anything to hide," Dotson said.

Dotson said that type of communication will continue.

”It’s our story to tell and we want to be the ones to release that and, in the wave of technology, it’s just the ways that the times are," she said.

The app cost the department between $1,800 and $2,000. The app will be free and is expected to be released by the end of the year.

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