Horry County first council meeting of 2019 met with slight opposition

    Horry County Council/WPDE

    Horry County Council was back in action Thursday night for their first regularly scheduled council meeting.

    The meeting was quite the opposite of the special meeting held last Friday, but County Chairman Johnny Gardner said he’s taking things as they come and is here for the people.

    "Very, very good meeting tonight. Our chairman and all of our council members, I think, showed that we can come together and we can take care of the people’s business," said Councilman Al Allen.

    Thursday night's Horry County council meeting was strictly business.

    "Everybody was willing to work together and everybody was moving forward and everybody was very professional," said Gardener.

    Gardner appointed new committee members, which was met with some opposition, specifically from Councilman Dennis DiSabato who was originally appointed to chairman of public safety, but that was changed for unknown reasons. DiSabato called that decision an alarming indictment on how the chairman intends to lead.

    "To reasons unannounced to me, you have changed your mind at the last moment. Sir, it appears that this is precisely the type of go along get along politics that you and your supporters campaigned against," said DiSabato.

    With seating arrangements changed, Gardner stated that was the least of his concerns.

    "You know these seats belong to the people, this business belongs to the people, we’re just the people trying to help manage it and move it forward," said Gardner.

    Keeping the concerns of the people at the center of future meetings is what will move both the county and council forward according to Gardner.

    "Getting the work done, trying to be professional and looking out for the county as opposed to anything else, that’s what will make it work," said Gardner.

    Councilman Al Allen said as soon as the SLED investigation regarding extortion claims against Gardner wraps up, he wants county council to conduct its own investigation.

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