Horry County Fair wraps up third year

Horry County Fair wraps up third year (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

The Horry County fair wrapped up and the general manager of the Myrtle Beach Speedway says it was even more successful than the last two years because they now know how to fully prepare.

Steve zacharias/mb speedway general manager

"The one thing that came from this event is we set up with Strates that this date and time will continue to be the date for the fair," said Steve Zacharias, the GM for the MB Speedway.

According to Zacharias, the timing of the fair was perfect minus one rainy day.

"Losing any business day in general is never good but when you're dealing with the outdoors you put that in the back pocket and you know it's possible but we were very fortunate to get nine of the ten days in with the problems so it was good,"said Zacharias.

The number of people coming out was consistent with past fairs.

"We've found the last three years to be very steady. The numbers don't seem to be increasing high or low in dramatic fashion," said Zacharias.

And Zacharias says he feels his staff has found their groove with event organization

"We're trying to learn trends and I think this years by far though was our most successful as far as handling the crowds when they did show," said Zacharias.

Once people stopped showing up tonight, the fair crew and speed way staff got busy.

"As far as after this is over we have a race next Saturday so we go back to cleaning up and we get ready for the next event," said Zacharias.

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