Horry County Elections Office: Primary turnout higher than recent years


The unconfirmed Horry County primary results are in. There were issues with eight voting machines and that delayed results for four races. Election officials say turnout for this year's primary was higher than two years ago. With the glitches in mind, we wondered, would that make voters leery of voting again?

Most people ABC 15 spoke with said the technology glitches didn't bother them because it's technology and that's just what happens. If there was confirmed voter fraud, that would be a different story.

In South Carolina there are more than 3 million registered voters; more than 600,000 voted Tuesday.

As a citizen, you have the right to vote, and the choice to exercise that right, but many don't in primaries.

"Those are the ones that affect our lives in a more direct way and those are the ones we should probably spend a little more time and investing a little more of our time to," said David Repass, an Horry County voter.

According to the Horry County Registration and Elections Office, 24,326 people voted in Tuesday's primary election. There was a 4 percent democratic turnout, and an 11 percent republican turnout.

"It helps determine what's gonna happen in the general election, so I think it's important, it's your voice," said Donna Kendrick, another voter.

Sandy Martin is the director of the office, she says that number is higher than 2 years ago.

"This has been a busy year for us. We've had a lot of elections this year and we've got a lot more coming up, special elections, the turn out this time was a bit more this time. It's seems like there was more interest, I guess in certain races on the ballot this time," said Martin.

Several of those races were so close, there have to be recounts and runoffs which is why Greg and Donna Kendrick say they know their votes matter.

"You would feel like I could have made a difference because they were so close and so it gives you more incentive to go out and try and do your duty and vote," said Greg.

Martin says your voice is important during primaries too.

"I always tell people before every primary, you know some of our races are determined in the primary. There's no opposition come November and that's when everybody wants to vote. Really, the primaries are the important elections," she said.

Several people said they either didn't know an election was coming up or just decided they didn't feel like voting on Tuesday. Repass says there's a certain mindset a citizen and voter should have, "I'm interested in my community and I want to be involved".

In the GOP primary for the Horry County Council Chairman's race, there will be a recount.

All votes still have to be certified.

There will also be a runoff in a state house race, but the state will certify the election results Friday, and that's why the recounts are delayed until then.

The results in the two races with declared winners will be certified at 10 a.m. Thursday. For more election results click here.

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