Horry County Council says state should ban lasers

Tuesday evening, Horry County Council unanimously decided to defer the laser issue to the state.

Councilman Al Allen made the motion to defer the issue.

"We felt that it would be better handled at a state level," said Allen.

Allen says the legislation will be brought to the state in January by either State Representative Allen Clemmons or State Representative Liston Barfield.

"With a state ordinance, it is much easier to enforce," said Allen. "It is a much more uniformed general ordinance statewide than having to get all of the entities inside of a county to sign on with a county ordinance."

Allen hopes that the issue being presented to state legislature will solve the laser issue by next summer.

Tuesday night, council also announced the name of the business that has been labeled as Project AF for the last few months.

Council said Native Sons, a printing business in Myrtle Beach, is planning a $3 million expansion that will add approximately 80 jobs to our area over three years.

If the deal with the county goes through, Native Sons would get a property tax cut for 20 years.

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