Horry County Council Chairman sued for breach of contract

    Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus during a news conference on Thursday saying Horry County Emergency Operations Center will be open 24/7 until the threat from Hurricane Matthew is over. (WPDE)

    The Horry County Council Chairman has been named in a lawsuit.

    Mark Lazarus and Wild Water & Wheels, Inc. are named the defendants in a lawsuit filed Monday by Rewind Specialties, Inc., an auto repair shop out of Charleston.

    The lawsuit alleges Rewind Specialties was hired to do work for Wild Water & Wheels back in May, authorized by Lazarus, and failed to make the agreed upon payment.

    An invoice dated May 31, 2018, shows Wild Water & Wheels owes Rewind Specialties $24,480.50 for motor replacements and other work performed "on expedited basis".

    Further the suit alleges that Lazarus, the sole shareholder, "knowingly participated in, authorized, ordered, and helped perpetuate the tortuous actions against [Rewind Specialties] alleged herein, specifically including withholding payment from [Rewind Specialties] and converting money from Wild Water & Wheels, Inc. for his own use and purpose."

    Rewind Specialties seeks a full payment of the invoice.

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