Horry County auditor announces an easier way to file taxes

Horry County auditor announces an easier way to file taxes (WPDE)

The Horry County auditor's office has simplified how to file business personal property taxes.

Business owners and people who rent out property do not have to fill out paper work to send back to the auditor's office.

Now, they will be mailed a code that they will enter into a form on the auditor's website.

"It automatically fills the document in, the information for the tax payer, so you're not going to have to key in the information," said Tim Oliver, the county's chief information officer.

This new program also saves time for employees in the auditor's office.

"We were over there and we were just struggling and struggling with what we we're doing," said Lois Eargle, the Horry County auditor.

Before, they had to mail out 84,000 tax forms, get them back in the mail by April 30, then eleven people had to process them by October.

"This should allow us to process this and move faster and accommodate the growth that's been coming in Horry County," said Justin Powell, the assistant county administrator.

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