Honda donates ATV to Florence County Sheriff's Office


Honda of South Carolina donated a side by side All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Monday to the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

The office will use the ATV for its Tracking Team, who tracks suspects and searches of missing people and vulnerable adults.

"It's a part of a tool in a box. And we're so grateful to Honda for providing it to us. This is the type of thing that we would not be able to purchase on our own. Honda saw the need, they filled the need and we're very grateful," said Major Michael Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Tony Moore is a part of the tracking team and believes the ATV is just what they needed.

"Accessing areas that we can't normally get to in patrol vehicles. Large size vehicles when we have teams placed in certain areas that we might need to get supplies to. We might need to get someone that's injured out. Things of that nature. Even on vulnerable adults or missing kids you know being able to access areas that you can't normally access. Especially with vulnerable adults. They get lost and they wander and things of that nature," said Moore.

The price of the ATV is about $21,000.

Chief Deputy Glen Kirby said the ATV will prove to be a great benefit to the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Florence County.

"Anytime we can get equipment such as this at no cost to the tax payers, it’s very much appreciated. I understand that our tracking team is the first one to receive a gift of this magnitude from Honda of America and we will utilize it for the safety and security of the citizens of Florence County," said Kirby.

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