Hippie Fest takes Lake City back to the 60s

Hippies Fest in Lake City

Lake City was thrown back into the 60's Saturday.

Tie dye, bubbles, and hippies took over for The Hippie Fest.

It’s the festival's first time in the Pee Dee, but vendor Bonnie Korcok has been to about 8 hippie fests all over the country.

Korcok handmakes what she calls flutter bye tops from up-cycled fabric.

She says each top takes about an hour to put together.

Her booth was one of dozens set up for the two day festival.

There’s food, do it yourself tie dye and live music.

Korcok’s favorite part is the laid back environment.

"It’s fun to have a nice vibe and chill out like the hippie thing.... I like the [Volkswagens] and stuff that are all painted and stuff like that so there’s a lot to see and do. They have all kinds of things going on," Korcok said.

If you missed it Saturday, the festival continues Sunday.

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