Hilarious holiday recipes from Horry County kindergartners

(Photo via Mrs. Fidler)

Students in Mrs. Fidler's kindergarten class at Carolina Forest Elementary were asked to write recipes this Thanksgiving and the results range from "dad will go hunting for a turkey in the woods" to "feed the turkey some food that you got from the cafeteria."

Sarah Fidler said she started this tradition in class about 10 years ago. She got the idea from a teaching assistant who used it with her own son.

The project has been overwhelmingly well received over the years, according to the teacher.

"It's a stressful time of year," Mrs. Fidler explained. "It just kind of brings a little bit of humor to the stress."

The assignment starts with asking the students to write down the recipe. Fidler said she prompts them through the task by asking questions like, "Where do you get your turkey?"

One student, named Jacob, said, "Go to Wal-Mart and get a big turkey that weighs 32 crayons. It's blue and has feathers."

Another recipe from MKya said, "Go to Kroger and get a rainbow turkey. It will be really big and weighs $1."

She said all of the students generally have the same basic information, but the way in which it is written varies vastly. The results, she said, are always funny and different every year.

Vivi's recipe said, "When somebody throws a knife at the turkey, they die, and then they go to Food Lion."

According to Natalie you should, "Put it in the oven for 10 minutes on 1 temperature."

Mrs. Fidler admitted there have been moments she's had to walk away trying not to laugh.

"My face wells up with tears because I want to laugh," she said.

Ever the supporter, however, she said she encourages the creativity and different recipe options from each child.

Parisa's turkey dinner recipe includes, "Wash the turkey in the sink with soap and water. Put sugar in it."

Mark's recipe called for cleaning the turkey with shampoo in the bathroom.

Fidler said they're very proud of the cookbooks and look forward to the assignment each year.

Here's a look at some of the other recipes the students came up with:

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