High winds batter the City of North Myrtle Beach


Thursday was a pretty windy day around much of the Grand Strand and people in North Myrtle Beach can attest to that. Many people said strong winds caused a number of issues for residents in the area, including power outages.

Despite the strong wind gusts from Tropical Storm Michael, it was business as usual for many businesses in the area.

"When the storm came through, you know, the power went out for about an hour and we just kept everybody in because it was really windy and dangerous outside," said Dan Ridenour, a cook at Murphy's on the Ocean in North Myrtle.

High tide caused minor flooding in portions of Cherry Grove.

"A lot of wind, things blowing around, so then I went riding and I live on 26th Avenue in Cherry Grove and it was flooded, but thank the lord my house is not flooded. It's been a good day," said Sheila Sharpe who lives in Cherry Grove.

Officials in North Myrtle beach say during Florence, the winds blew from land to sea pushing the water back out. But Thursday, during Michael, the reverse happened.

"It was like 10 to 12 foot swells around 11 and now you see they’ve went down," said Sharpe.

The strongest wind gusts along the Grand Strand reached 55 mph, which was in North Myrtle Beach.

"You can see the ocean and the wind. It was, I mean, I have sand all over me just from taking, going outside picking things up," said Ridenour.

Those who live in North Myrtle Beach are grateful Michael is now gone.

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