Here's what to expect for Carolina Country Music Fest 2018


The tents are going up and organizers have started putting together the stages for this year's Carolina Country Music Fest.

It's in town for the fourth year and organizers are making sure it's bigger and better.

"Last year I had a lot of fun, so this year we're going VIP," said Blake Heimmermann, visiting from Wisconsin.

Carolina Country Music Fest 2018 is almost here.

"Once in a lifetime experience, everybody shows up from all over the place, and good music," said Sergio Bracamontes, visiting from West Virginia.

Organizers say country music lovers and first time CCMF-goers are in for a treat this year.

Here's what's new with safety: metal detectors and the clear bag policy.

"The worst can be people that come here every year and they bring the same bag, and we let them in. But this year, it's going to be a different policy," said Bob Durkin, a CCMF organizer.

Ladies, you can bring a clutch, but anything bigger has to be clear. You can purchase clear CCMF bags for $10 at Ground Zero or in the designated CCMF parking lots.

Speaking of parking, shuttles will be at 25th Avenue North and Kings Highway.

"You can buy your parking passes online or you can pay right there the day of. Then you'll have a shuttle which will take you right here to 9th and North Kings Highway," said Durkin.

There are also several parking lots around the event and rideshare drivers and taxis will drop you off in the same spot.

Also new this year to general admission is The Country Corral.

"And this is surrounded by palm trees, white lights, and there's added sound and added big screens, so if they're in general admission, they don't have to rush the stage," said Durkin.

The singer-songwriter events each night are new too. "They tell you about the songs and who wrote them and the stories they're singing about and where it came from which if you're a big country fan, it's a really great experience," Durkin said.

Here's how the traffic diversion plan will work:

Road closures:

Beginning Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m., Ocean Boulevard between 8th Avenue North and 9th Avenue North will be closed.

Beginning Thursday morning at 8 a.m., 8th Avenue North and 9th Avenue North will be closed to traffic, and traffic will be diverted west on 7th Avenue North and 9th Avenue North.

Thursday night, Ocean Boulevard between 8th Avenue North and 9th Avenue North will be closed.

Traveling southbound on Ocean Boulevard, you will have to turn west on 7th Avenue North and proceed to Kings where there will be a lane taper, and then a continuous right hand turn onto Kings Highway.

Traffic northbound on Ocean Boulevard, you will be able to get to 9th Avenue North then have to make right on 9th Avenue North and travel up that road.

Later in the day, traffic will be diverted at Joe White Avenue.

The city/police information line will be open at 843-918-info throughout the event.

For those who need more event-specific information, CCMF organizers are encouraging everyone to utilize the official Carolina Country Music Fest app and website here.

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