Help is still here: Michael may have hit, but Florence relief will stick around

Help is still here: Michael may have hit, but Florence relief will stick around (WPDE)

First Florence, now Michael. Natural disasters are tying up the hands of disaster relief crews. Have no fear though, they tell us there's enough help to go around.

Many families in our viewing area, like Tara McCoy's family, are still working on managing the stress from Hurricane Florence.

"Some days it's not even day by day. It's hour by hour," said McCoy.

Her home in Pecan Grove sits empty, in need of a lot of work. Now with Hurricane Michael, so will a lot of other homes.

"I mean the resources are just gonna get strained as these disasters continue to happen back to back," she said.

That was her second thought after hearing Michael was coming. Her first, "Oh my. Here we go again."

The news of Michael came after she had just asked people for help.

"It was hard the first couple of days, to admit that I can't do this alone," said McCoy.

She reached out to FEMA and local groups who provided free help.

"When I did, I realized from them that there was about 6,000 people in Horry County that were requesting assistance for help with their clean up process," she said.

Disaster relief teams are busy, but don't worry, help is still here. The Red Cross says they will keep their South Carolina teams right where they are, and the Samaritan's Purse is no different.

"As long as it takes, we have resources here for the long haul and we have a large volunteer pool that we can pull from around the nation," said Lorenzo Torres, Samaritan's Purse program manager.

If you'd like to help out communities in need with Samaritan's Purse, Torres says they're always looking for volunteers. Click here for more information.

ABC 15 also reached out to FEMA who says teams with Catholic Charities are still helping out.

McCoy ended up finding a local church to help her clean up. Short term, she's figuring things out, but if you ask her about long term: "Long term. I just don't have an answer, I'm really kinda at this point taking it week by week".

She says if there's one piece of advice she'd give to anyone going through a natural disaster, make sure you apply for FEMA assistance.

If your family still hasn't applied, the deadline is Nov. 20.

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