HCPD: Man arrested for rape of 13-year-old girl

Troy Hemingway (Horry County Police Department)

Horry County Police Department have arrested Troy Hemingway in connection to the rape of a 13-year-old girl in July 2017.

Hemingway is being charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor between the ages 11-14, second degree, and is still in police custody.

Police released a sketch of Hemingway back in Aug. 2017 after the young girl and her grandparent reported the rape.

The girl told the officer that she was walking around Blanche Lane and Winter Rain Drive, in the Conway area, when a man grabbed her by the hand and took her across a ditch near a field.

No other details about the incident were released by police.

According to the girl, Hemingway told her to leave and not to tell anyone. She was then taken to the ER and while there, was able to show officers the possible area of the rape.

Horry County Police Department shared the arrest on their Twitter page as an "HCPD Success Story," thanking the public for helping identify Hemingway and to the MBPD officers who also assisted.

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