HCPD looking into string of break-ins at Coastal Villas

(Scott Williams)

The Horry County Police Department is looking into a string of break-ins at the Coastal Villas Apartments off of Highway 544, according to reports.

Many Coastal Carolina University students live in the complex.

One report shows a break-in that happened on Tuesday, Dec. 4 when the victim and his girlfriend where out at dinner. The victim, Scott Williams, told police he received an alert on his cell phone about a motion camera going off inside his apartment.

Williams told police that they rushed back to the apartment to find the door kicked in and several items missing, including two televisions, a Playstation 4, a dozen Playstation 4 games and a coffee table.

He was able to get video of the suspect, but there is not a clear view of the face because they were wearing a hat and a hoodie, the report states. Those videos show the suspect forcing his way into the apartment by kicking in the front door around 8:15 p.m. Police say it appears the suspect pushed the items out the back window.

Police say there is no positive ID on the suspect yet, but Williams said he feels it could have been his neighbor. He said two days earlier, he was asking about when they were moving and how long they would be gone.

Williams said after three years of living there, his apartment was broken into twice in one week. Williams said the first robbery, the suspect just broke the door in but didn't take anything. However, that led him to install and security video camera, which then captured the second burglary.

Another incident that occurred a few days before on Nov. 27, showed a woman who believed her apartment was burglarized. The victim told police she'd not been living in the apartment for a few weeks, but stops by every day to pick up clothing, according to the report.

The victim said four items were missing, but there was no sign of forced entry. She also said she did not believe her old roommate had any reason to take the items, police say.

On Nov. 28, the owner of the company who maintains the laundry machines at the apartment complex told police someone had taken hundreds of dollars worth of quarters out of lock boxes. Police say between 5-7 machines had been accessed.

No arrests have been made in any of these cases, according to Horry County Police.

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