HCFR using grant to fund volunteer recruitment


Horry County Fire Rescue officials have adjusted the focus of a grant the department received in 2017 to help attract new volunteer firefighters.

The department was awarded a SAFER grant last year to fund the purchase of equipment for volunteer firefighters, but bought the needed equipment well before the grant ran out, according to spokesman Mark Nugent.

Officials managed to shift the focus of the grant to recruitment instead, although the focus must be limited to volunteers.

The advertisements could be put out as soon as later this month, and a temporary position is available to develop strategy until the grant runs out in May or June.

However, there's a long-term benefit.

"The beauty of it for Horry County is, moving forward, that equipment stays with us," Nugent explained. "We'll be able to use those recruitment tools for our volunteers and our career staff organization."

Nugent said the hope is that volunteer firefighters will eventually want to become full-time employees.

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