Hania's mother pleads with man who took her child to bring her back

Hania Noleia Aguilar's mother speaks at a prayer vigil (WPDE)

The mother of 13-year-old Hania Noelia Aguilar, Celsa Velasquez Gonzalez, pleaded with more than 150 people at a prayer vigil Wednesday night for her daughter-- to help find Hania.

She was abducted Monday morning outside her family's home in the Rosewood Mobile Home park community off of Elizabethtown Road in Lumberton.

Gonzalez made the following statement during the vigil:

Good evening. Thank you so much for coming here. Just to see you here, I get so much strength to continue-- to continue fighting, to bring my child back.
I miss her. I love her. And wherever she is, I am with you. I love you. I do not have anything against the person who took you. I don't know who you are. But I know you have a heart and I know you feel.
I know you feel like there's something in you-- that I know you will let my child come back to me. Please do it. God forgives everyone.
And I want to ask the community, Hispanic community, American community and any other community who's present, to please help me to share all the pictures.
And also, if you don't have a comment about my child, please just don't say it. It's not helping. It's not helping me. It's just hurting me. Because I'm a mom, and I know my child. She's a sweet child. She's a happy child. She loved to cook. She loved to laugh.
Her dream was-- it still is-- to be in the Marines-- to help people , that was her only wish.
Thank you so much for everyone to be here, God bless you.

The community prayed for law enforcement officers to gather big tips to lead them to Hania.

They prayed she'll be found alive and okay.

Hania's teachers at Lumberton Junior High School also talked during the vigil. They said they just want their student to be okay wherever she is.

"Friday Hania walked in my room. She was getting ready to prepare for my math test. I remember her, she didn't finish the test, she said, 'Ms. Felder, can I finish on Monday?' I said, 'Sure.' She put her calculator up and she left out the door. Monday, I was waiting for her come back in class and finish her math test. I happened to get online and I saw that Hania was abducted. Our hearts are broken at Lumberton Junior High School, " said Sentoria Felder, Hania's teacher.

"Hania was in my fifth period class. Which is like the longest period of the day. We actually spent lunch together everyday. I sat at the table with her and her friends. And she actually done my lunch duty everyday. And she would be excited to wash the tables. And it's just very difficult to lunch across the lunch table and she's not there anymore," said Alisha Kellogg, Hania's teacher.

If you have any information on Hania's kidnapping you're asked to call a special tip line at 910-272-5871.

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