Gymnastics event brings over 1,000 to Myrtle Beach

Gymnastics event brings over 1,000 to Myrtle Beach (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

The Ultimate Beach Classic gymnastics meet brought in thousands of dollars to the Myrtle Beach economy the weekend of January 20th and 21st.

"Japan, Russia, Germany," said Carol Ide, a gymnastics judge.

Carol Ide has judged gymnastics pretty much everywhere.

This weekend, she lent her talents to the Ultimate Beach Classic gymnastics meet and was pleased with the set up.

"Oh, we love to come to Myrtle Beach. It's a great community, it's very supportive of athletics and sports, and this is just an amazing arena for these athletes to compete in," said Ide.

This is the competition's third year, and it has tripled in size since starting, with gymnasts coming to Myrtle Beach from all over.

"South Carolina, North Carolina, this year we had a team come all the way from Dallas, Texas," said meet director Lauren Foxworth.

Meaning 1,000 girls and their families occupying Myrtle Beach hotels, eating at Myrtle Beach restaurants, and shopping at Myrtle Beach stores.

"It brings so many people to Myrtle Beach and especially in January when it's the off season it's nice to bring people to be able to use, you know, all of our facilities, that Myrtle Beach can offer," said Foxworth.

Even though it is the off season, gymnasts and their families are still eager to come to the beach.

"Oh, they love coming to Myrtle Beach because of not only the beach, the hotels have the water parks,"said June Fenton, a gymnastics coach from Rocky Mountain, North Carolina.

They are so eager to come that the Ultimate Gymnastics Academy of Myrtle Beach is going to start hosting two meets a year.

"We try to get them to come out from all over the nation," said Foxworth.

This weekend's meet sold 1,400 tickets.

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