Gun manufacturer to bring 150 jobs to Horry County

Ct. gun manufacturer relocating to this building in Aynor

Nearly 150 jobs are coming to Horry County now that a Connecticut gun company has accepted an invitation to open its doors in Aynor.

Connecticut's legislature passed one of the nation's strictest gun control laws following last December's school shooting that left 26 people dead.

As a result, Connecticut gun manufacturer PTR decided to leave and to set up shop right here in Horry County, but attracting the business took some effort.

"We've passed a great many legislative initiatives to show the world how important the Second Amendment is to us. That's what put PTR on our doorstep," said State Representative Alan Clemmons.

But what's so alluring about a County that doesn't have an interstate, port or even a rail system?

"They don't have a lot of truck traffic so they didn't have to be right on top of a major interstate exchange, they send out a lot of their finished good via fedex and us postal service so there wasn't a huge demand for truck traffic," explained Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation president Brad Lofton.

Lofton added that companies like PTR favor Horry County's location and low cost of living.

"Half the utility rate they're paying in Connecticut, a fraction of the tax bill they're paying in Connecticut. All those things added up really made it a smart move," Lofton explained.

Clemmons added that this could lead to more business moving to Horry County.

"PTR coming has signaled that the door is wide open to the northeastern part of South Carolina coming to do business, particularly right here in Horry County."

Other gun manufacturers are already taking interest, including Stag Arms. Lofton said company officials will visit the Grand Strand in the coming weeks.

"We may be seeing the beginning of a gun valley, South Carolina right here so yes we are talking to suppliers and they like what they're hearing," Clemmons added.

You can watch our entire interview with Clemmons and Lofton Sunday morning on Carolina This Week at 9 a.m. and on WPDE NewsChannel 15.

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