Group organizes funeral for Conway veteran: 'His extended family decided to show up'

Group organizes funeral for Conway veteran (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Sheldon Thomas Shepherd is a Conway man whose life was celebrated by strangers on Saturday.

"He came back home after receiving a list of awards that I could read and you would probably run out of time, he never spoke of them, he never wanted any recognition for them, he just came back and kept helping people," said Julius Strickland, a commander for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Saturday, Shepherd got the recognition he deserved, thanks to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

"We're here because we're supposed to be. One of our brothers has passed on, he didn't have family to send him away, so his extended family decided to show up," said Strickland.

The group regularly attends other veterans' funerals.

"We're a group of veterans who have all served in combat theaters. We all love to ride motorcycles, and we've decided that our time of giving back to our communities and our countries isn't done,"said Strickland.

Shepherd's brother appreciated the showing of support.

"Amazing, just amazing, I can see why he enjoyed being here," said Mike Shepherd.

The combat veterans group encourages anyone who hears about a veteran's funeral to attend.

"These are men who served our country. They gave completely of themselves without asking anything in return so when given the opportunity to say thank you, you should always do that," said Strickland.

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