Group fighting to keep the Ingram Dunes declares 'small victory' after commission meeting

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A grassroots group fighting against the development of the Ingram Dunes, nine acres of privately owned land in North Myrtle Beach, is declaring a small victory after a planning commission vote Tuesday night.

The developer went before the town planning commission, hoping it would reconsider letting them start cutting down trees and move forward quickly with developing the land into a subdivision.

But the commission once again voted to take no action, meaning the developer has two options: Take the issue to the zoning appeals board on May 10, or develop the land one plot at a time.

Developing the land one plot at a time means that as each section is sold the developing company would get building permits and then could work to build the home.

Dozens of people showed up at the meeting Tuesday night in support of the dunes.

The group in favor of the dunes says now they have more time to see if they can come up with another solution.

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DDC Engineering, who is representing the developer, says they will continue to move forward are in the process of getting a grading permit so they can clear cut trees that are in the right of way.

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