Grand Strand bars have DUI lawyer's ad on wristbands

Subtle messages about drinking and driving have been circulating around some bars, clubs, and restaurants along the Grand Strand.

Several of these entertainment destinations require people 21 years or older to wear a wristband.

Many of the wristbands have the name and phone number of Myrtle Beach DUI attorney Jonny McCoy on them.

He said it's an awareness tactic.

"You get pulled over and accused of a crime. There's somebody here to defend you, and this is the number. And it's on your wrist," McCoy said.

McCoy grew up in Myrtle Beach and has a degree in marketing.

He has developed relationships with bar and club owners who are willing to promote him as an attorney.

Some say these bands stop people from drinking too much or from drinking and driving.

"It kind of prevents you from even wanting to get to that point," said Latasha Singleton.

"I think, if anything, it kind of promotes safety. It kind of reminds you like even though you're going out drinking, you can get into trouble," said Dillon Warner.

Other people are concerned it may encourage more drinking.

"You get a sense of protection maybe you might drink a little more than you would if you had that number," said Bob Walsh.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 asked McCoy if he thought these wrist bands promoted drinking.

"People are going to do what they want. When they want and how they want regardless of what type of branding or advertising takes place," McCoy said.

McCoy is one of the first attorneys to advertise in this way in our area, but he said there are other attorneys that use similar advertising tactics across the state.

McCoy started advertising on the wristbands two years ago.

He said there are about a dozen bars in our area that distribute them, as well as many concerts and local charity events.

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