Governor orders new election in Atlantic Beach

Governor Nikki Haley ordered a new election in Atlantic Beach.

Horry County will hold the election on May 22.

Nearly five months ago, the Atlantic Beach election commission ordered a new election after several incumbents who lost the November 1 election appealed the results.

Because the town election commission didn't set a new date, the governor's office stepped in.

The Governor's Order states, "the Town of Atlantic Beach election controversies have reached the South Carolina Supreme Court on three prior occasions. These controversies have highlighted problems in the Town's electoral process such as: poll workers not following proper procedures for challenged ballots, voters being denied the right to vote despite establishing residency, and the Municipal Election Commission failing to comply with the statutory procedure for contesting election results."

It goes on to say, "the South Carolina Supreme Court, in Cole v. Town of Atlantic Beach Election Commission, expressed grave doubts about the Municipal Election Commission to properly conduct future elections." That's why Horry County will hold the May 22 election for the town.

Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says it will cost the county about $1,000.

Here are the candidates:

Mayor -

  • Jake Evans

  • Retha Pierce

  • Windy Price

Council (2 at-large)

  • Josephine Isom

  • Monique Pointer

  • Charlene Taylor

  • Misty D. Umphries

  • James B. Van Fleet

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