Gov. McMaster stresses safety as winter storm hits South Carolina

    Gov. McMaster holding a news conference on the winter storm hitting South Carolina. (WPDE)<p>{/p}

    "It is cold, cold, cold and it's going to stay cold" -- That's how Governor Henry McMaster opened the news conference Wednesday afternoon as a winter storm hit the state.

    Gov. McMaster stressed that everyone should stay updated on the weather conditions and limit time outdoors.

    McMaster said "don't put the emergency personnel at risk. If you go out and something happens that means someone's gonna have to come get you, and that puts everybody at risk. Also, it takes them away from other tasks they need to be doing."

    The main message: stay informed and stay safe.

    Kim Stenson, SC Director of Emergency Managment said, "So fortunately so far we've not had a lot of issues, and hope we keep it that way, but we do again want to be in the position to assist if we need to."

    McMaster ended the conference in saying, "everybody remember to exercise caution, exercise patience and remember just...a moment of risk can cause a whole lifetime of pain. So let's all be very careful."

    For more information, head to or find more winter weather tips here.

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