'Good fun, good fellowship': Bikefest goers talk fun in Atlantic Beach

"Good fun, good fellowship": Bikefest goers talk fun in Atlantic Beach (Photo: WPDE, Ashley Gooden)

The bikes revving their engines, checking out the latest in bike technology and sitting and watching the bikes ride by are just a few things people at Bikefest 2018 are doing, but many of them say it's about more than just the bikes.

“Get you a turkey leg man,” said Juan Ford, visiting from Washington, D.C.

There are plenty of sights and sounds to take in, but the smells are drawing people in too.

“Because it looks so good, it smelled great when I walked by,” said Ford with a smoked turkey leg in hand.

Walking up and down the street and observing the bikes everywhere, it’s easy to work up an appetite, but it's also easy to make new friends.

“Good fun, good fellowship,” said Terri Glover, visiting from Virginia.

Several others like Joshua Wallace from New Jersey agree.

“It’s the people, it’s the atmosphere, it’s the energy that occurs when you’re out here. The formations and the different bikes that come from different states and different spots coming in, the food, the vendors,” said Wallace.

For some, Atlantic Beach is the place to be because of it’s history. Some take pride in knowing that Atlantic Beach is a place that people of all colors can come together in one place, unlike the way it was during the days of segregation when blacks came to Atlantic Beach because it was the only place they felt welcome.

“Blacks, whites, everybody. Nobody’s out here fighting, nobody’s talking about color, everybody’s just out here having a good time,” said some visitors from Delaware.

People of many walks of life, people of all ages, brought together by one special event.

“We have fun every year, we like it… and the weather is beautiful here!” said Sheila and William Johnson who usually bring their bikes down every year.

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