Georgetown County officials say little can be done to stop Murrells Inlet condo project

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Georgetown County Councilman John Thomas met with neighbors of a planned 60-unit condo complex in Murrells Inlet to answer their questions and hear their concerns Wednesday night.

For most of those in attendance, Thomas' answers were informative, but not what they wanted to hear.

"If they want to do single family development there, that's fine," Bill Hill told ABC15. "We're going to fight the apartment complex concept hard and long."

Thomas told the audience that the condominiums would not be allowed to be used as short term rentals, and would only have access to Highway 17.

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However, the land is already zoned for high density residential housing, meaning as long as the developer follows the law, the county cannot stop the three-story condos from being built.

"If this kind of development doesn't fit in here, and it's very clear that it doesn't fit in here... it just seems like it's being pushed through very fast," Patricia Parris said, echoing the main concern of many of the neighbors.

The problem, county staff said during the meeting, is that many properties in central Murrells Inlet are zoned to allow high density from happening.

That means if the county doesn't change the zoning, more condos could move in in the future.

Thomas said he understands the disappointment this time around, but is working to keep Murrells Inlet's reputation as a low-density area intact moving forward.

"I think that's the best planning tool that we have right now," he said.

ABC 15 reached out to the developer of the project for comment. We're waiting to hear back.

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