Carver Elementary School in Florence set to build new Smart Start STEM Lab

The new lab is designed to help get students interested and excited about engineering.

Carver Elementary will soon be the first school in the state to have a Smart Start STE< lab.

The school received an almost $74,000 grant from The School Foundation. That grant will pay half of their brand new stem lab.

”We’re excited about bringing that curriculum of what those children are doing out west to South Carolina to help better our children right here in Florence school District One," said school principal Chris Rogers.

The new lab is designed to help get students interested and excited about engineering.

"It's an array of the field [...] they will have circuitry that will be available to them. They will have different robotics equipment for them to learn. Pneumatics is also available in there," Rogers said.

The new lab will be updated with the latest technology, giving students access to robotics curriculum, computers and iPads.

"It allows them to collaborate with each other to work together, to learn to work in a group [...] to learn to work individually, to learn to work with technology, to work with their hands," Rogers said.

The goal is to prepare the students for what comes after their time at Carver Elementary.

"We want to provide that good foundation to our children in math, science, technology, and engineering so that they can peruse those careers. We want to provide that," Rogers said.

With new electronic portfolios, they'll be able to save their projects and start building their experience before they even leave elementary school.

"STEM jobs that are available to our children--it's about double the salary by the time that they start applying for those," Rogers said.

Construction is expected to be complete by fall.

The School Foundation also gave $50,000 in grants to Briggs, Carver, Timrod, Delmae, Moore, Sneed, Southside and Wilson schools for their “E-ssential e-Books” program, which will provide increased permanent access to digital non-fiction e-Books in each school’s library collection.

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