From Myrtle Beach to Panama City Beach: MBFR paramedics ready to help

Thad Bowman and Michael Gilbert for MBFR (Courtesy: Myrtle beach Fire Rescue's Facebook)

From Myrtle Beach to Panama City Beach, two paramedics with Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue are helping people in Florida.

"There's a couple of semis here in the mall parking lot where we are that are overturned and behind me, kind of behind me. Directly across 231, there's two trains that are flipped over on the tracks," said Michael Gilbert.

Michael Gilbert and Thad Bowman volunteered to go to Florida.

"We came down here for disaster relief to help support EMS operations in the Panama City area," said Gilbert.

They got in early Thursday morning and say they haven't stopped moving since.

"It's been non-stop. You can probably hear the sirens in the background," said Gilbert.

There's no power in the area and the 9-1-1 systems are down, so officials are going door to door, finding out who needs help.

"We're really seeing a wide range of everything. Just general illness, trauma, they had somebody that was trapped earlier that they had to remove, they used our team, a lot of building collapses,"said Gilbert.

But they can only work in the daylight.

"Trees, power lines, it's just very dangerous to be out after dark,"said Gilbert.

There's a reason Gilbert signed up for this.

"It's our line of work. It's what we like to do,"said Gilbert.

And if you want to help him, he says to pray.

"If people are Christians or praying people, they need it down here," said Gilbert.

Gilbert and Bowman will be in Florida for a week.

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